Saturday, September 17, 2011

It was like a bad commercial...

It's 9:50...
and the cravings kick in.
I got in the car and rushed to make it to my destination.
At 9:57, I made it there with 3 minutes to spare and they took my order!
 I was beyond pleased.
Now, at the very beginning of fall ( hello pumpkin spice latte), I've started on my gold card.
I didn't even know there was such a glorious thing out there. Apparently you just buy a gift card, register it online and ALWAYS use it to buy your drink.

You know you go through your Starbucks drive-thru too much when they can guess your order by your voice..
It's just too yummy and we can't resist.
Onward to gold!



  1. I'm giving you a blog award! Check it out!

  2. Oh dear it looks good! I always get the cream on my starbucks...I guess that's a habit I have to get out off xx