Thursday, April 14, 2011

I want I want!

Even with age, I have yet to get over Betsey Johnson. I guess I will forever be a glamorized hippie.

 Also, I think I may be a little obsessed with pattern right now.... Yeah, I'm definitely obsessed!
            Find all of Betsey Johnson's goodies Here

Karissa and I have been jointly in love with Grease ever since we became best friends. I remember those days after school where we'd sing summer nights. I'd rock out as Danny, Karissa would beautifully sing Sandy's part and Kayla was SUPPOSED to do back up, haha. Those we're the days...
I'm interested in actually buying a pink ladies jacket but I have no idea where to find one with quality. Help please?

1 comment:

  1. I WANT THAT PURSE! :o haha Everything you're posting is too cute! And that bathingsuit is bangin! Don't worry,glamorizied hippies are simply the best,right alongside with glamorizied hobos haha. I'm really in to like the vintage,oversized(but not to much) clothing and one of my fave stores is hobo vintage,so Anthony is continuously asking me why I love hobos haha. He said since I love them sooo much,he is going to invite one to my birthday.SWEET! ;) haha

    OH THE GOOD OLD DAYS! haha Singing grease in the car,making everyone who wasn't in that car jealous,aw,I miss those days! haha I'm telling ya,we should make our own pink ladies jackets,no one can do it better than us! :D haha ....But seriously,we NEED to find them pronto on the gogo! ;)