Friday, March 16, 2012

Fitness Friday.

Today marks the real beginning of Fitness Friday!

Last year I had a Friday segment by the name of Fab Friday, and although I'm still fabulous, my health has been put into my number one spot.

I hope that every week I can dedicate time to share my fitness tip, tricks and goals to help others and motivate myself to continue.


My mom and I set a new goal for ourselves this week. We are going to lose 25 pound before summer.   There is 96 days until summer, I think that's enough time to have a safe weight loss. If you want to join in with us, please do! The more support, the better.


  1. i need to lose 25 lbs before summer too!
    how you think you're going to go about it??
    I'm so not in the mood to walk/run alot...
    any good diet tips? =)

    1. Oh please join in! I'll be giving weekly tips on Fridays that are working for me.