Sunday, November 13, 2011


Riverside is one of my the most beautiful cities in the inland empire. It was the most beautiful architecture. Jess and I decided to spend out Veterans/ Metal Day soaking up all of its beauty. We smelt the most amazing smell and had no choice but to eat at this VERY expensive Mexican resturant. The service was amazing but the food wasn't great. It had no flavor. We left pretty disapointed but ended up getting the most delicious cupcakes to make it all better.

How was your weekend?

P.S. GO 49ers!


  1. Oh how lovely! (aside from the expensive food, yuck!)

    My friend went to UCR and she was always raving about Casey's Cupcakes. I have to agree with you about how beautiful Riverside is. There is so much history in that place, especially at the Mission Inn!

    Hope you've been well,

  2. Oh I love that restaurant! Haha if we are talking about the same one,I thought it was quite delish haha :) just those cupcake boxes alone lool good, so i imagine the cupcakes were amazing! Yim! 8I you sister! :)

  3. Tina: Whenever you come back to cali you should try them out. They are SO yummy and the shop is too cute.

    Sister: It's the one right on the corner of the Mission Inn. Anddd, I'll see you on Wednesday!

  4. So I looked up that chef guys laugh and it is sooo cute! haha It's like a little kids laugh haha...
    You should go see this laugh though because it's hilarious and soo cute! The guy Ryan's song in the video is funny so try listening(you really can't miss it haha) to the laugh from the camera man ;) haha

  5. Wow, these pics are fab. I keep raving about your camera but they are super clear. And very artistic! Has the husband missed a calling?
    I love old towns, I haven't had much chance to explore my new surroundings on foot yet. Maybe in the coming weeks xx