Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pretty please.

This dress is SO beautiful. And you know.. my birthday is next month :) I'm hoping and praying that I'll lose the weight and Jesse will see this and then this beauty can be mine! A girl can dream, right?

What dress are you drooling over? 

P.S. Bryce is 8 months today! YAY! Post for that coming soon :)


  1. uhh, that dress is THE BEST! whaaat. yes, do it - get it! dream! ahh, that dress is unbelievableee.

  2. wooooooooooooooooow this dress is so pretty! Love this one so much! Hope you get it for you birthday!

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  3. wowww!! i love this dress too...its so pretty! i just had a lil baby as well and have sworn not to buy any dresses until i loose all my pregnancy weight so i can only see this lovely thing and admire it from far :))

  4. What a perfect holiday dress!! I hope you get it. It would be a fabulous present!