Monday, August 29, 2011

Music Monday V.7: My take on the VMA's

I have watched to VMA's every year for as far back as I can remember. This year, I got more excited than ever because so many of my favorites were going to be preforming. Here is my take of how the night went.

Everyone wanted to know what Gaga was going to wear, to my surprise and many others, she just simply dressed like a man all night. I really enjoyed her performance, especially because she had the amazing Brian Fay and I just love that song. She was SO into her character, she played him all night long. Her love for theatre really showed.

I was really upset that Katy Perry won for best collaboration. I'm not a big Katy Perry fan in the first place, but I REALLY loved Chris Brown's collaboration with Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne and was certain that they would win. Did anyone else think that Jessie J sang firework better than Mrs.Brand? Just sayin..

The Foo Fighters won best rock video, and it was so so deserved. Love them.

Chris Brown can dance, and he definitely showcased that last night because he wasn't doing much singing. I adore him and his performance was high energy and fun. He looked so sharp in his suit too.

Now for one of my favorite people ever Beyoncé!

 The Temptations like style was so unexpected, and she wore it well. My best friend texted me before the show and said "BEYONCE IS PREGGERS!" so I was waiting for some sign to see that it was true. Like the Diva she is, she showed everyone in the most fierce was possible.

My absolute favorite performance of the night was Adele.
She had me in tears.
It was beautiful to just see her up there with the piano singing her heart out. I felt it. I felt all the pain she was going through and I cried like baby. Just beautiful.

My second favoritee performance was the Britney Spears tribute. I'm a 90's baby so I knew all of those songs and even attempted to learn some moves. It was put together so well and I loved that it was other young ladies doing the moves. I think I saw Cachi from IaMmE as Hit Me Baby One More Time, Britney?

Amy Winehouse's' tribute was superb. Bruno Mars' voice is amazing for the song. Amy is missed.

Lil Wayne closed the night with his song How to love. Can I be honest here and say that when I say the video for this song I broke down in tears. Maybe I'm just a big baby, haha. When Wayne started rapping, I had no idea what was going on because everything was bleeped out. So that sucked. Once he was done, the show was just over, like that...

All in all the VMA's were pretty sweet this year. I got to see my girls Beyoncé and Adele, Britney received the Micheal Jackson award, and Foo Fighters won an award.

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  1. I enjoyed them too. Beyonce was so cute!!! I am an Adele fan but I was actually kind of disappointed with her her concerts she really belts it out but she didn't even try to hit the high notes that are in the song that she sang last was almost like she was holding back. Enjoyed reading about your thoughts on the VMAs!

  2. I don't know why but Gaga dressing up as a man rubs me the wrong way. If I felt like she was trans, or trans-questioning, it would be cool and expressive. This is just a stunt. A deep part of me wants to call her a poser.
    And I'll never forgive Chris Brown. Nope. Never.
    Also, out of the loop--why did they give Spears a tribute, is she dead too?
    And lastly, did you hear Lil Wayne's mixtape, sorry for the wait? It's free to download. He even uses rolling in the deep as a backbeat for one of the early tracks~!

  3. Leah, I've never seen Adele preform live but I'm sure you're right. I've never heard the song before actually, I'm kinda still stuck on her album 19. Her voice always gets me and she just seemed so emotional.

  4. Erin, I don't know why Britney got a tribute, it was a little odd. Maybe it wasn't called a tribute and I just effed up my words, haha. I haven't heard the mixtape yet, but I need to!

  5. It wasn't a tribute for Britney, she won the Michael Jackson award - the Michael Jackson Performer award maybe? Something like that. Either way, love or hate Britney she changed pop music to what it is today and she deserves that award.

  6. That sounds so much better. Oopsie for my word error. I've always loved Britney. I really try not to say that I dislike an artist because then they put out a killer song and I fall in love.

  7. Haha, right? I'm not the hugest fan of Britney but I definitely think she deserved that award! And Gaga was...WOW! I just barely saw her opening monologue and was blown away!

  8. I didn't watch it but I am happy for Lady B and her fella. That will be one rich baby!

    I love Britney, her songs are fantastic. And I don't like Katy Perry but I like her music. If that makes sense!? I really don't like her husband, I think Travie McCoy is much better looking.

    As for Chris Brown, whilst I've forgiven him for his past incidents, he isn't my favorite performer. I much prefer artists like Ne-Yo and Usher xx