Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A day with hubbs.

Earlier this week, hubbs and I got a free day and we decided nature was the best way to clear our minds and prepare for the busy week ahead. We went up to the mountains above our house and it was so so beautiful out.

We walked up and saw lots of wild fruits and herbs. There was a peaceful stream that was so lovely to sit and hear the beauty of the world. Sadly, there were also some douchey douche bags who drove up the tiny path and drove back down way over speed and blew dirt all over us. GRR!

BUT! Back to the beautiful things. On the way back down the sun was setting and it was so amazingly gorgeous and romantic. Jesse snapped some pictures, then we snuggled until it was nearly dark.

Days like these make me appreciate having such an amazing husband. It's the simple things that make life the best.

Please ignore how sweaty I am, it was hot hot hot.

Jessie from Hello Beautiful sent me this adorable headband with a bunch of other goodies and I seriously love it.
I've been wearing it everyday.
If you think that they are as cute as I do, you can check out her shop here.


  1. <3 awwwww!! I was so surprised when I saw the headband in the picture =] I'm so glad you like it!

  2. The pictures are great! I love the one where you're looking out the window of that old building. BEAUTIFUL! :]

  3. Beautiful pictures of the sun going down....

  4. i LOVE all of these pictures! They are just great!!! :)

  5. The pictures are just great. I hope to get a proper camera in the new year so I can take such fantastic pics.
    AND how sweet is your husband. You made me fall in love with him! Glad you two had a special day. I can't wait to be with my husband again xx