Friday, August 26, 2011

Guest Post: fab friday #8

 For this fab Friday, I thought it would be pretty amazing to have my bestest, Karissa share her fall must haves with all of you lovelies.
You can find her blog HERE and her tumblr HERE.
So Fall is only about a month away. Who else is wondering where summer went and why it didn’t stay longer? O.o ..But I must admit, I am pretty excited because Fall is my absolute favorite :} I love all the beautiful colors, the falling of the leaves (...Then jumping in them :}...), the smell of the season (PUMPKINS! =D), Halloween, and most of all, THE FASHION! What’s great about Fall, is you can incorporate a few of your summer items in with your fall wardrobe, since it can still be a little warm and cozy out. Being a little bit of both a tomboy and girlie girl, and loving to mix match, I feel Fall is the perfect season to do just that! So here we go…My Fall favorites to look fit and flawless for the season :].
I am a huge fan of blazers. I can’t get enough of them. Whether it’d be Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, Blazers can be worn anytime, with almost anything. They can be worn with shorts, skirts AND pants. Just throwing on one of these bad boys  can complete any outfit, while making it look effortless.
Another Fall Favorite of mine is layers. Not too much, were it looks like you have been swallowed whole by your closet. But just enough to make you look cozy, yet fashionable. I also like to include multiple pieces of heavy jewelry to the layering and it adds a little dolled up look to such a conservative outfit.

Recently, I have been really getting into slacks. They can be worn in so many different ways. Whether it be classy, sophisticated, dressy, or casual, they are a wonderful way to feel great while looking it. Not to mention they do wonders to the bottom half of the body ;]. Pairing them with a nice top, or some layers even, can have you looking absolutely Fabulous for Fall.
 Now, going back to my previous statement of incorporating your summer items with your fall wardrobe. You know those cute little dresses your about to pack away, or even worse never even wore because you didn’t like your legs or thighs? (Guilty :/) Well now is the PERFECT time to wear them. Just pair that dress with some tights or leggings, a cozy little Sweater/Jacket (optional), add some accessories, then finish it off with a cute pair of shoes and VUALA! You have the perfect Fall outfit. I feel Fall is a great dress season, more so than summer, because though it might be a little warm, it’s noticeably cooler, with an Autumn breeze filling the air. This makes it the perfect kind of weather for choices. So you don’t feel like everyone’s staring with weird looks,knowing why you have layers upon layers on over a dress, when you’re covering up. You just look obviously fashionable ;].
Speaking of obviously fashionable, sweater dresses are a Fall must have! I love those so much and they make for simple, yet perfect outfits when your low on time :]
Also, the long floor length dresses (like the ones my bestie loves so much) are also great to transfer into your Fall wardrobe, because not only are they a comfortable piece, but they look really great with Fall accessories. Such as scarves’, jackets, baggy covers and some lovely Fall hats.
Now getting to more of my tom boyish side. I am obsessed with leather jackets and ripped jeans :] Either separate or worn together, I think they look terrific. A simple sweater shirt paired with some ripped jeans can be a great Fall comfort outfit, or even with an added blazer, as shown below :]

Ripped jeans are just an easy going type of look. Love it. And leather jackets are a HOT assemble to add a little sizzle to your Fall wardrobe ;]. They just add a little rock ‘n’ roll to your outfit and make it look edgy.

To give it more of an Autumn feel, get colors like blue, orange, purple or brown, like this “pleather” jacket from StylesForLess:]
Okay, so now I bet your wondering about the most important part to any outfit, a girls most important “accessory”  and the item that ties it all together…THE SHOES!  Okay, I AM IN LOVE WITH SHOES! Whether it is converse, flats, boots or my favorite, heels, I can’t get enough! The great thing about any of them, unlike clothing items, is you can wear anyone, with any season. But for Fall I like to wear boots, they just seem to coincide with the season. So here are some pictures of some fall boots that I feel can complete any look.

Just for fashion sake, here's a recap of  my Fall favorites one more time, to get you in Autumn fashion spirits ;] :

 So I hope all you lovelies enjoyed my guest post here on FreeBirdTrain. Take care and enjoy the remaining days of Summer and many blessings this Fall season! :]
                     Yours Truly, Karissa


  1. I need to get more "fashionable". I need to go shopping. haha. Nothing fits.
    I love a lot of those clothing ideas, i really love the blazer look.
    Great post!! :)

  2. Oh how I loved this post! I am getting excited for Fall clothes! I love blazers to wear over everything, I even wear as my jackets with a great scarf wrapped about my neck!

    Thanks for your comments and all the great photos, gives me lots of ideas! :)

  3. I LOVE all of these styles :) your blog is so cute, I am loving your bunting banners! haha cute!

  4. OMG, just when I think I'm not into fashion, I see this pics and instantly I want. I recently purchased 2 new dresses that I just love. But the problem I have is my weight, I am determined to loose 50lbs by my anniversary in April so I'm not buying too much. I love chunky knits and thick tights. Just need cute boots to complete the look.

    Another great post xx