Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tea Time

I've been on the hunt for a lovely tea pot. 
I'm uncertain of where to get it at, I know I want a big one, so we can have tea parties (yay!) but all the ones I'm finding are not exactly what I'm looking for. Here are some goodies I did find though.
Haha, silly!

Maybe I should just get a plain one and see if I can get someone to make it pretty for me.
Have you seen any pretty teapots?


  1. I am actually obsessed with drinking tea! It's funny because I never think to blog about it. Maybe I will start since I've seen it pop up a few times over the past few months! :)

    I'll be lookout on a cutesy teapot for you! All of my tea ware is non matchy and I just collect whenever I find something cute.

    I love the mugs with a built in infuser! Awesome for when you're not entertaining!

  2. At least I'm not alone on it. I'm always buying random cups when we're out and about. I need one of those infuser cups too.

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  4. Kristina Logan has some Dream Teapots:

  5. I like this Steampunk Teapot, too:

  6. This might be what you are looking for!

    Tabarka Design Large Teapot (Tunisia) $22: http://bit.ly/mqHgbb

    "All our artwork is done free-hand, meaning no decals, stencils, tracing or machine painting is used. Each item is painted entirely free-hand."

  7. How pretty! my daughter and I have tea parties all the time!