Friday, June 17, 2011

Fab Friday #4

Sorry for my lack of recipes this week, it has been kinda crazy(even for me) around here. Jesse had finals and was stressing out majorly which made me stress out. I tried my best to help without actually doing to the work for him, which I couldn't do anyway because I don't even have my BA so I'll leave his work to the grad students. 
But now it's Friday! YAY! And what a fabulous Friday it is.
Lately, I've been embracing my roots (I'll do a post on this tomorrow) so FF this week will be dedicated to all the amazing African inspired finds I've come across. 

This tee will be mine!
This picture is so beautiful! I'm in love with the turban look.


I don't know if these would look good on me but I admire the women who can pull them off.
Tribal print is really in right now. This dress is adorable.
And of course.. Beyoncè! Love her

What is your background? Have you always embraced it?

Happy Friday ladies!


  1. The jewelry and turban are my favorite!! I WISH I had some interesting background!!

  2. I love the Tribal print, very kind to full figured ladies! It's exciting to finally see something interesting happen in fashion!

  3. Love the shirt at the top and the dress Beyonce has on!! Go girl for embracing your roots!

    Stopping by from the Where are You Wednesday blog hop!

    ~Be blessed!

  4. I am from the Bahamas and I love your blog. I love the turban look myself and wear it quite often. I also enjoy designing and making my own jewelry, crafts and fashion.