Monday, May 16, 2011


This weekend has been a little tough for our little family.
On Friday we got the news that Jesse's cat Rascal had just passed away.
I have honestly never seen someone love an animal as much as Jesse loved Rascal.

Rest in Peace, Rascal.

I had never had a pet, I never really even liked them.
While I was living in San Francisco, Jesse bought a pet rat and named her Tifah (one of my middle names is La Tifah) after me. When I moved back I fell in love with her. She was adorable.

After our date day last night, I went to go feed Tifah and I couldn't find her in her cage. 
She was snuggled up under her stair way and I just burst into tears. 
I will miss her.

Rest in peace, Tifah

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