Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I loved you, May.

This month has been a real roller coaster for me.
Of course I feel so very blessed for all the amazing people in my life helping me through it. 
Love you guys!

I did pretty darn spiffy on my May goals.
May Goals.
1. Start walking at least 15 minutes every morning and evening.
This hasn't been EVERY DAY, but almost so.
2. Learn how to crochet
Eh, I'll get to this eventually.. hopefully.
3. Do 10 sit-ups every day.
4. Study hard for final
I got a B+ in my online class! 

5. Have date nights once a week with hubbs.
Every Sunday :)

Now that's it's summer, I feel like my goals can be a lot more fun. I'm so excited!
June Goals
1. Learn the Thriller dance.
2. Go somewhere new once a week.
3. Work out for 30 min a day
4. Lose 10 pounds
5. Take more pictures.

I think I can definitely accomplish these goals.

My little lovebug.

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