Monday, April 18, 2011

Music Monday!

It was so relaxing to wake up this morning and be with Bryce.
Here are some songs I'm finding addictive.
I seriously can't get over Beyoncé!
She is my body inspiration.

For some reason my weirdo brain was getting Radiohead and Audioslave confused. Lame I know. So Jesse set my straight last night, by showing me the clear differences. Now I can't get enough of his voice.
Even though this song is EVERYWHERE! I still love Adele. She has a magical voice, gets me everytime.

Andddd, I have to leave you all with some Foo Fighters. This is my favorite song off of Echoes, Patience, Silence and Grace.

In completely unrelated news, it's our anniversary tomorrow! I'm very excited for whatever Jesse has in store for me. 
I hope everyone's Monday was as musical as mine.

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