Monday, September 17, 2012


It's the dreaded beginning of the week and I am feeling surprisingly optimistic. I have kept my difficult summer hush hush from my blog because I didn't want to be a Debbie. Right now, I see the bright light at the end of the tunnel. I know what I need to do to reach my goals and am prepared for the hard work.

Back in May I left my role as houewife. It really wasn't for me.. I'm too young and have WAY too many goals to be a stay-at-home woman. So I moved in with my mommy and her housemate Ms. Bush and decided to work on me. I spent the summer reading and hanging out with friends that I barely saw before. It really did help to surround myself with people who knew the real Mila before marriage, the real Mila. 

Still, I was feeling lost. Not sure of what I want out of this life. It wasn't until this morning that I woke up and knew what I needed. Happiness, success and independence. I feel as if I should have already had all of these things but I let others (and myself) hold me back from doing what I really want. I can't be tied up like women in the old days, I'm a freebird afterall ;) 

Now I'm working at being that independent woman I want to be. I'm back in school and looking for a part-time job with dreams of having my own car and home with MY name on it. That will be epic!

My sweet overbearing mommy made me make a list (I had a deadline of two days to complete this task for her) of my three year plan and boy oh boy did that help. To see my goals on paper and have them to look back on is already helping so much. Checking off a list is the ultimate happiness, haha.

I plan on making myself a little more vocal here and I will share my goals and dreams. Share yours too!

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  1. Well congratulations on your new journey. I also have similar goals. You look pretty in the photo!

    I also want to write down goals in paper!