Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A free mind

This morning I woke up feeling so refreshed and at ease. I grabbed a banana, a bottle of water and went for a walk. Being out in the fresh morning air is the best way to start the day. It gave me time to think about things without being distracted (my biggest problem!) or bothered. I think walking will be a new morning ritual for me.

Do you walk?
What do you do to clear your head?


  1. I am loving this photo!!!
    I also walk in the morning. I usually listen to music but I'd love to just walk and listen to nature around me :]

  2. I'm back to blogging (finally) and yours is one of the first I wanted to check out. See that little bundle of yours.
    I've been walking a lot more lately (the dog) but otherwise, it's not my exercise of choice. I do have a step and some step dvds that I like, it's just a case of mustering the energy to do them after work. I do hope to rejoin weight watchers soon and loose weight that way. Maybe we can help and support one another? xx