Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Adventures in makeup

I have become a changed women this year! I honestly used to despise makeup. I mean, why would anyone want to put all this extra stuff on your face in the morning and get less sleep? Now look at me! Completely obsessed with all the different makeup trends.

A couple weeks ago I was browsing through the mall, attempting to not spend any money (yeah right!) when one of those pushy saleswomen grabbed me to show me her products. I'm always down for a free make over, so I let her do her thing and I was shocked when she showed me the finished product.

Since I'm new the makeup game, I don't really know all the necessaries needed to completely beautify yourself. I never thought about using an eyebrow pencil! It gives such a fuller look and it isn't too complicated... well, I still need some work because I'm sort of blind without my glasses off! Practice will make perfect, right?

This photo demonstrates my favorite new product and Bryce's adorable little head, haha. The pencil is called Crayon De Sourcil and can be found here.

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