Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blossom Festival

On Saturday, we took a late trip over to the blossom festival in Oak Glen. We got there at about 2pm and had already missed all of the festivities :( We still scored on some yummy baked goods, candy and jam.

Bryce was getting super antsy, so we went out to the fields and let him run around while Jesse got some photos of the pretty flowers. After a few minutes, Bryce tripped while running away from me and got a booboo on that adorable little face. So, we packed everything up and headed home early.

It was such a beautiful family day.


  1. EVERYTHING about this post is absolutely beautiful! Your dress, your son, the day, YOU! Everything! Thank you so much for sharing. Your posts always make me so happy inside. I'm glad to see you have been doing well. :)

    1. Oh Tina, you always make me smile with your sweet comments.