Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hey there beautiful!

Sweet pea...

Sweet names always make things better, right?

I've been bad again and neglecting my pretty blog. I'm excited to get back in and catch up on everything. New month, new beginnings!

A little update.

Things have been very busy around the Train household. With Jesse going to school and working we don't get to hang as much. So I'm managing with seeing him a lot less which is always hard for me. He did get a new lens a few weeks ago and has been taking some amazing photos. Can't wait to share.

Bryce is extremely active. He walks all over the house and gets into things he's not supposed to. He loves playing hide and seek. That smile and laugh can really cheer me up.

I have been going to school, it's pretty easy right now but it can only get more intense right? I've been sticking to my food plan. We have cut out red meats and we are seeing a lot more veggies. I feel so much healthier already. My biggest struggle has been finding time for exercise. I try to take Beep on walks but it's been so windy. Hoping to shed 10 pounds by V day :)

It's almost Friday!
What are your weekend plans?

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