Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ladies night out.. plus my brother

1. My beautiful best friend.
2. My brother
3. Sister-in-law and Christina
4. All of my lady friends that joined me that night.

My party was funnnn. Everyone looked beautiful. My brother ended up staying because he was my DD, so it was mostly a ladies night out. I had to heavily encourage the ladies to drink with me but no one was really going for it. After we ate we went into the bar and danced and sang karaoke, it was pretty epic. Thanks everyone for coming! I love you all.


  1. Aw that sounds fun! My brother goes with me everywhere too but he doesn't live here anymore =( It looks like you had a blast though!

  2. Looked like a great time! Kudos to your brother for being the DD!

  3. Love these pictures! I hope you don't mind but I'm stealing the first one!!! :D haha That night was a blast and I'm really glad you had a good time sister!!! I love you! P.s. Ellys legs look amazing! ;) haha