Sunday, October 16, 2011

I don't know how she does it.

To all you moms out there that take care of your babies, keep a clean house, and make yummy meals every night for dinner, I have a message for you.

I can't keep up. Having a baby did make me grow up faster in a lot of ways but I'm still super unorganized. I hate cleaning. I always tried to convince my brother that our mom wanted him to do all the house chores, it never worked out. Now that I'm grown up, there is no one to push my unwanted duties on.

I have a little routine to wash dishes while Bryce has his first nap in the morning. When he wakes up, I'm instantly distracted and I don't want to clean anymore. Important things fall waist side too now. I forget to schedule appointments, Call loved ones and write my pen pal back.

Being thrown into this mommy role has made me have so much appreciation for mommas all over the world. Especially my own mom.  She went to school and worked while being a single mom with four kids. Even though she was so busy with trying to provide for us, she still took time to shape us into amazing people. I hope I get some of her amazingness once I figure out this balancing stuff.


  1. OH, I know how you feel with this one!
    I hate cleaning, but I try my best. My house is always an organized mess. I would rather relax when my son is sleeping or playing quietly on his own. I feel like what's the point? I clean, spend hours cleaning and then Dustin wakes up, makes it messy, and my fiance comes home and makes a mess. My days are SO repetitive. Hugs! You are NOT alone in this!<3

  2. Cleaning the house really sucks when you have a baby/small child. You're not alone in that boat, so hopefully anyone that visits your house and has a child understands-I know that's what I always hope for. As long as it's not just plain unsanitary, it can wait!!

  3. I don't imagine that it's easy. Being a great momma isn't about having a clean house, its about love and you have plenty of that xx