Friday, September 2, 2011

Fab Friday #9

Blogger decided to trick me into not posting this, so that's why it's so so late. Oopssss

Today is my first day of school!
I'm nervous, I haven't actually been to a school in a year. Very excited to get back into it though.
Wish me luck.

Just like everyone else, I'm so excited for fall fashion. I love love love cute jackets and boots and I'm so exciting to be rocking some out real soon :)
Here are some of my favorite fab finds from this week!

Love this trench, maybe this will finally be the year when I splurge a little and get one. A classic one will last forever right?
I LOVE RED! I don't think it looks great on me, but it looks oh so good with black and white.
This shirt is too cute, it looks so light and pretty, I think it would be the easiest way for me to pull of color blocking.
These shoes, oh these shoes. I love anything that sparkles. I am a girl afterall... These beauties are on sale and they're in leopard :)
Since I already own a pair of boots like these, I shouldn't even tease myself. But these are brown and mine are black which makes it a completely different pair of shoes! The wrap around boots always get me. LOVE.

What amazing finds have you stumbled upon this week?
Do share.

P.S. Happy Friday.

1 comment:

  1. Have I asked you before what you're going to school for?

    I love all the clothes, not so keen on the shoes. I'm not a sparkle kinda girl though I do love brown. I am in desperate needs of boots but I have such a hard time finding anything in my size :-(

    Good luck with school xx