Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday!

To my amazing brother Miles!

Miles is so so very special to me.
Without him, I would be a completely different person.
At first it was difficult for me having a brother who is severely autistic. He was the one my parents were always concerned with. As I grew I matured. I understand he needed more attention and I'm so thankful that he opened my eyes up to people with disabilities. 
Because of Miles I joined Best Buddies in high school and seriously became my life. I was skipping class to hang out in the special needs classroom and help out, I was taking my buddy out for a basketball game and frozen yogurt. It made me so unbelievably happy to have found this club and all these amazing people.
For that, I thank you Miles.
Happy 23rd birthday, I love you!


  1. Happy bday to him!
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    have a great day
    Cathy and Becca