Wednesday, July 13, 2011

pressed flowers

For the past few months I've been pressing all the little pretty flowers and leaves I've found around our apartment when we go on our family walks. I wanted to display them somehow to show how beautiful they really are.
Excuse my mess, I REALLY need to work on my organization. 
I had this unfinished wood frame that I was going to use for some other project but decided to use it here.
Jess really liked the look of leaving the wood how it was.

Do you press flowers?


  1. Oh my goodness thats gorgeous! I so want to press flowers!

  2. those are so beautiful! And the fact that you picked them up while spending time with the fam just makes them more special. Love!

  3. Everything looks pretty tidy and organised to me! I love the framed pressed flowers. Most certainly keep the frame natural. I keep and press flowers that Adam have given me but I don't have them framed like that, just inside books or in photo albums. I might have to steal your idea! xx