Monday, July 25, 2011

Music Monday is back with a Vengance!

For those of you who don't know, Megadeth is probably my ALL time favorite bands.
I remember when I would walking home from work, plug in my headphones and put all my Megadeth songs on repeat. I felt so accomplished and BA and their music intensified the feelings.
Their music goes deeper than that for me. I had a hard time battling depression in high school and their earlier songs were so relate-able to my angry feelings.
As I grew past this stage, I grew my Megadeth collection. I own all of their albums but one, I've seen them twice and I'm a in the Mega Fan Club.
Am I obsessed?
Maybe a little..

Here's a mix of some well known songs.

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What's your favorite band?


  1. That was honestly the first time I've ever heard Megadeath. My favorite band is a three way tie between Radiohead, Joy division, and The mountain goats. I just can't choose one!

  2. :( Playback isn't available in my country so I don't get to hear the tracks. I don't really have one band that I really love (since the Spice Girls anyway) but I listen to a variety of artists in the genres I like. Perhaps I can check them out on youtube.

  3. I loved the spice girls too! I miss them.