Monday, July 18, 2011

Going natural! A love story

In elementary school, my brother and I were the ONLY black kids.
Like any one else this made me feel different, it was hard to feel the same as everybody when my skin was so much darker and my hair so much more kinky. 
Eventually, I was began to feel comfortable. I didn't pay attention to skin colors as much, I was just a kid like everyone else. Yet, I still hated my hair.All of my friends had beautiful straight hair or loose curls and I had a frizz ball. 
My feelings about my hair continued through high school. People were constantly asking to feel my hair and then would proceed to tell me how rough it is. As you can probably guess, this only made me hate my hair more. Now that I was older my mom would let me get a relaxer to make my hair straight like all of my friends.
  I continued to get relaxers although it was expensive and a pain to get those chemicals every month.

This past year, the views about myself and beauty have had a major change.
I've gone natural! WOO.

No more icky chemicals for me.
I've grown to love my hair in it's natural form kinky curls and all.
There is such a big community of curly ladies going natural and always great new tips on how to style your hair. 

If any of you have some self acceptance stories I'd love to read them :)


  1. I couldn't imagine no longer relaxing my hair. My husband tells me that he loves it when I just let it go kinky but it is so impossible to manage! I'm not overly concerned with my hair to be honest but I do feel great when I get it done. Which due to financial restrictions is rare. When I go on holiday I opt for a more natural look, esp when I'm swimming every day. But if I go a long time between relaxing, I can't run a comb through it. Also, I understand your feeling of growing up and feeling like your hair wasn't as nice as others. Have you watched Chris Rocks Hair? I've been meaning to get around to it after I saw him on Oprah discussing it xx

    Ps, Thanks for snagging a button! xx

  2. My husband also love my natural hair, that was more reason for me to be natural since he loved me so much just the way I was. My hair is EXTREMELY kinky, but I've found some great deep conditioners to keep it moisturized and easier to manage. I did see Chris Rocks Hair movie. I recommend it :)

  3. How in the world do you look at this and not see someone completely stunning?! I love your hair when it is "relaxed" but I LOVE it even more like this. It is so Beyonce,Sasha fierce! haha No matter what your hair looks like, it is beautiful, and no matter what you look like you are beautiful! A true beauty inside and out! I love my gorgeous best friend! :] <3

  4. I'm still partially in curl-denial. I have naturally curly hair and I've really wanted to just go natural for a long time. I joined and for a while I was natural and loving it. Then, I flat ironed my hair one day... and it was over again. Not that I'll never go natural again, I do plan on it. But I have a hard time breaking my flat iron addiction!

  5. The things is, the majority of black actresses and singers have long lushious straight hair...that is a weave. And girls growing up see that and want that.

    I think its great that my husband loves my hair "natural" but I'm not sure I'm ready to go there myself. I know its not a great idea to keep relaxing all the time but I'm addicted to the creamy crack. And I don't think he understands the process of taking care of it.

    And of course I'm totally freaking out about having to try and find a new hairdresser when I move! xx

  6. This is awesome! Shermeen told me you had blogged about this (I just did a hair post today!:, and I gotta say...your hair is beautiful, and I'm glad you've learned to love it!

    I have an adopted cousin who is black, and she lets her hair do its natural thing. She's 15, lives in Arizona, and I think most of her friends are white but she loves it being a fro. I love it, too...not only is it stunning, but it really shows self-confidence and that you love yourself! Keep doin' your thing, girl, and others will love you for it!

    BTW, Shermeen is right...the documentary "Hair" is a MUST SEE.

  7. Thank you sister, I'll remember to use my inner sasha fierce :)

    tattooedmommie: I also joined naturally curly, it def helped seeing other people with curl. I'm sure you look good with straight or curly hair.

    Sherms: It is hard growing up and seeing so many other black women with perfect straight hair but I'm so glad I have broken my addiction to the creamy crack.

    Hannah: It's good that your cousin is so embracing of her hair at such a young age. I'm going to go check out your post now

  8. I love your hair! I broke my creamy crack addiction a couple of years ago and have never loked back. I don't have an amazing acceptance story. I went natural because my hair was so unhealthy with a relaxer. A lot of people dont have problems with relaxers, but my hair was constantly breaking off and thinning. 3 years later, I have a hair of thick, healthy hair. I love it. I cut a few inches off on Saturday and blogged about it. (

  9. The relaxer messed with my hair too. It would break off every time I combed it. I prefer having thick curls to the straight straight hair. I just cut my hair myself and I didn't know what I was doing so it came out all kinds of crazy. I'm going to check the post out now.