Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May is in the air.

goI can't believe that it is May already!
My babes is almost 2 months old, he is growing up way too fast for me.
I think I did pretty darn well with last months goals.

April Goals
1. Work on sleeping schedule with Bryce.
Nailed this one!
2. Make more homemade meals.
I've got a system for the days I cook.
3. Keep up with school.
I'm rocking out my homework.
4. Pick up the house after Bryce goes night night
This one I need to work on, but I'll get there.
5. Learn how to crochet!!
Going to work on this this week.
6. Stay in contact with friends and family.
My bestie has been coming over every Wednesday, and it is really helping keep me sane.
7. Work on relationship with the in-laws.
This one needs MAJOR work.

May Goals.
1. Start walking at least 15 minutes every morning and evening.
2. Learn how to crochet
3. Do 10 sit-ups every day.
4. Study hard for final
5. Have date nights once a week with hubbs.

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