Thursday, May 12, 2011

In need of support/advice.

I'm not sure how you married ladies get along with your in-laws, but I need some SERIOUS help in this category. I try with all my might to be a good person and not think negatively but I think there are some people that I just can't get along with. Jesse and I are in desperate need of a date night and I thought it would be nice to have his mom watch Bryce. All I asked was that she ask our permission before giving MY baby any medicine. (When I was sick after he was first born she said he was sick and had diaper rash and continued to give him medication for these things, we found in the end that he was not sick in any way) She went on to tell us that she was more experienced so she knows what's best for him. 
I really don't know what to do anymore.
I want to just be a happy family but it's hard when she is kinda controlling. I don't want to make her sound evil because she isn't. I'm just in MAJOR need of advice.


  1. Just take it day by day loves. Like you said he is YOUR baby,tell her that. In the most nicest, sincerest way possible, tell her that you appreciate all her advice and the fact that she is more experianced, but the way she wants to raise Bryce and the way you want to are two very different ways. And seeing that he is your son,you would appreciate it if she respected you as not only another mother,but her daughter-in-law and respect the fact that you choose to raise him the way your instincts tell you. I'm sure you have all the respect,apprecitation and love for your husbands mother, so let her know that and ask she shows you the it out mother to mother. I hope it helps sister and I do hope it all works out for the best. I Love You!

  2. I wouldn't be ok with that either. Uly's mom is the same way as you are - NO ONE messes with her kids. Uly told me a story once where HER MOM disciplined his sister Ali for something really small and his mom yelled at her mom so much that her own mother was in tears. Sit down and try to have a nice, calm talk with her and tell her that while you are grateful for her advice Bryce is YOUR child and unless she is willing to do what you ask, you don't want her watching Bryce alone anymore. And if she can't accept that, I'll babysit and I'm sure Karissa will as well! :) Good luck!

  3. Yeppers! I wouldn't mind babysitting at all! :) haha I agree :)

  4. Thank you both for your input, nice to know I have such caring friends :)