Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just can't get enough!

I'm trying to save up money for the summer but spring time makes it so hard for me! I just want to buy any pretty flowery springy thing. Is this just a girl thing or what? These are some things I just can't get over.

I'm kind of in love with tribal prints right now.
I love the sweet innocent looking print on this dress.
I've never had anything this color, it's too cute.

Panda's are just amazing!
I've been following Life as Leah blog for awhile now and I have to say... I just can't get enough! She's a real mommy blogger with great fashion tips, if you haven't checked her out yet, you definitely should!

Annnnnddd, I get enough of this song or video, LOVE IT!


  1. Have you seen this?! 8)

  2. And I sent you another giveaway on tumblr. I think you'll really like it :)